Dr. Mark Downey Announces 2021 Candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 96th District

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Williamsburg (December 10, 2020)

Dr. Mark Downey

Dr. Mark Downey announces 2021 VA House of Delegates 96th District Candidacy

Mark Downey, M.D., announced today that he will be running for 96th district Delegate in 2021. Dr. Downey, who was the Democratic nominee for the district in 2019, had one of the largest voter turnouts across the Commonwealth of Virginia for all candidates for the House of Delegates.

“Voters in the 96th district are ready for change. They deserve a leader who seeks to unite regardless of political affiliation, works to heal, and knows that sometimes the best medicine is compassion and empathy,” said Dr. Downey. “My life’s work has been about caring for children in the Williamsburg community. I’ll continue that passion for service as the next Delegate for this district.”

Dr. Downey’s campaign is focused on creating a healthier, safer Virginia where all families can thrive. He supports affordable access to healthcare including mental healthcare; investments in public education including universal pre-K; and addressing economic inequality issues that prevent citizens from achieving basic necessities like affordable housing and adequate wages.

Dr. Mark Downey is a pediatrician who has been serving the Williamsburg community for the past 20 years. As the 2019 Democratic nominee in HD-96, Dr. Downey earned the highest percentage of votes cast for a Democratic candidate in the district in two decades.

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