I am grateful for the excellent education I’ve received in Virginia schools. From Queens Lake to Bruton to UVA to MCV, I’ve been able to take advantage of our excellent public school systems. Our children all deserve access to an excellent public education, regardless of what zip code they live in.

Advocating for early childhood education will be a cornerstone of my education policy. By investing in our children early, we set them up for success later in life. I will drive forward legislative efforts to make sure that our high school graduates are prepared with the skills they need for whatever path they choose. I will work to improve outcomes in our public schools, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math – the areas where opportunity is likely to expand.


Increasingly, more citizens face economic insecurity. Whether it’s how they will be able to afford to put a roof over their head or feed their children, we must ensure that we leave no family behind as we work to create a Virginia that addresses these challenges. I will support legislation that provides for an adequate, living wage and increases affordable housing. Our friends and neighbors deserve these basic necessities, as they are foundational to ensuring better outcomes in education, healthcare, and future success in life.


Our district is blessed with a diverse economy, with tourism, education, military, and a growing start-up culture. We need to continue to grow our economy while creating a highly-skilled workforce for the future.

Offering incentives for young adults to pursue high demand jobs and the jobs of the future are an important part of preparing for the changing nature of work. I will push for tax policies that reward people for hard work, support small business, support our aquaculture, cybersecurity and clean energy sectors, and keep our district moving forward. In addition, from my own experience, I’d like to see incentives for primary care providers, geriatricians, psychiatrists, and rural health care providers to ensure we can meet the needs ahead.


I work in the healthcare system every day, and while we can provide excellent care, it comes at an alarmingly high price. I see patients who have insurance but still have tremendous out-of-pocket costs that can make a visit to the doctor or a prescription drug prohibitively expensive. As a pediatrician, I bring knowledge and firsthand experience in what is wrong with our healthcare system and will work towards the most effective solutions for our district and Commonwealth.

I will work for accessible, affordable, and excellent healthcare for every American. I support efforts to invest in preventative care to reduce the epidemic of untreated chronic diseases that lead to expensive medical interventions down the line, costing us all. We have to prevent health problems before they snowball into other issues that affect the individual as well as our communities. This is particularly true for mental health and addiction, which can spiral quickly into critical situations that cost opportunities to contribute to our communities in addition to expensive health care and correctional bills, often paid by taxpayers directly. Prevention is less expensive than reactivity for all of us.


Guns are the third leading cause of death in American children. It doesn’t have to be this way – we have the tools to address our epidemic of gun violence, we just need to elect leaders with the courage to tackle this issue.

As a dad and pediatrician, I know how important it is to take action on common sense gun safety. Like many parents, I trust that my son and daughters will be safe when I send them to school, but we know that nowhere is really safe in a country that allows guns to easily get into the hands of people who would harm themselves or others.

It is long past time for us to take common sense steps to prevent gun violence. If elected, I will fight for solutions that protect our children and families, including accountable and responsible gun ownership measures, universal background checks, and child access prevention laws.


Veterans, service members, and their families have made huge sacrifices for our country. They deserve to be treated with respect because of their service. Part of respecting our servicemen and women, vets, and their families is ensuring they have access to the services and support they need.

I believe that even at the state level, we can ensure that the VA is working for veterans – and making connections so that vets receive the top-quality health care they deserve. We should promote policies for hiring veterans and support laws that increase job opportunities for veterans, while upholding our commitment to service members and making sure they receive the retirement and disability pay they deserve.


We need to take action to lessen the impact of climate change. Here in the Virginia, we are seeing the effects of sea level rise, which is undeniable. In recent years, fast-moving storms have flooded Norfolk and Richmond and the Peninsula has seen an intense increase in tornados and water-related damage. The York River is an important asset for the 96th district and we need to ensure that we treasure it as a natural resource.

We must champion policies to create new, sustainable, clean energy jobs and grow our economy. As a scientist, I will apply evidence-based principles and methods to my evaluation of environmental policy and regulation and insist that our government agencies do the same.


Technology has given us many advantages, but new challenges arise as a result.

We need to ensure that our laws keep pace with our technology advances. I will advocate for stronger resources to enforce our existing laws and to ensure that we don’t lag behind in keeping pace with advancements. We should be promoting the proper ways technology can benefit us, and discouraging illegal and uncivil behavior.

Civil discourse is often left behind as people hide behind their computers, venting rather than listening. Our kids are often the most affected and adults should set a good example, no matter how strongly they disagree with other people. I believe in sincere, face-to-face communication, and my code of ethics reflects my belief in how people should be treated, no matter what they believe. That’s how I’m running my campaign and that’s an issue I feel strongly about. Once elected to the House of Delegates, that’s how I’ll behave, to set a good example for our kids.