Campaign Signs, Buttons and Bumper Stickers

Sign-up today to order your “Downey For Virginia” campaign sign! Signs are available now so order yours today. We also have buttons and bumper stickers.

EVERY DOOR KNOCKED MATTERS. When you pick up your buttons, bumper stickers, and signs, you are welcome to pick up information cards to hand out to voter. We will give you a list that is close to your home!

We are actively looking for more high-traffic roadways in which to place these or larger 4ft x 4ft and 3ft x 4ft signs. If you know of or have a location, we’d love to know. Please indicate this in the notes below.

Now, a little about the buttons, bumper stickers, and signs.

  • 24in x 18in inch poly-sleeve (High Density Polyethylene) #2 Recycled
  • U.S.A. manufactured and UNION PRINTED
  • FULL color double sided printing
  • Buttons are 2.5in x 2.5in U.S.A. printed
  • Bumper Stickers are 3.25in x 11in U.S.A. printed

Request Your Sign, Button and Magnet

We want to make the process of requesting a sign and convenient as possible which is why we have a simple form below. We realize that some people make want to just call us, so we have setup a “hotline” for that purpose.  Call 757-663-4362 #2 and leave all of your contact information that is requested in the form below.

You are under no obligation to donate in order to receive a sign, button or magnet, but please keep in mind that our campaign has a lot of work from now until November 2nd and it’s extremely costly to reach out to voters and we cannot do this without your help.

That’s why we are asking now. Please help us fund this campaign by making a contribution today. Please consider a $5-$50 donation to help us cover the remaining expenses of the campaign.

Help us bring about real, lasting change in the 96th district.

Delivery Or Pickup Options

If you would prefer to call us and request a sign, please call 757-663-4362 #2 (RSVP) and leave all of your contact information.. We will call you with a confirmation.

Pick-Up Location